How bees make honey?

How bees make honey?

Bee Hive


Honey bees move from one flower to another to collect nectar and pollen from these flowers. Nectar is flower juice that is stored in a honey sac inside a honey bee. This honey sac is a stomach like structure in which this nectar is stored.

Besides nectar, these bees also collect pollen which is a rich source of protein. This pollen is stored in a pollen basket which is present on the hind leg of the bee. Bees normally use this pollen as food. According to research, a honey bee can collect three times more pollen than its weight in one flight.

When these bees come to the beehives the nectar is stored in honey cells and pollen are stored in food cells. Thin nectar stored in cells is converted into honey by the fanning process. This process is done by worker bees during the night. Through fanning water present in nectar is evaporated and it comes to less than 20%.

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