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Gift Box - Sidr (Beri) & Eucalyptus (Sufaida) Honey

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This gift pack includes 2 glass bottles. each having 250g of Sidr (Beri) and Eucalyptus (Sufaida) Honey.

Eucalyptus honey is mostly mono-floral i.e. obtained majorly form one species of flower. It is slightly darker than normal honey and has a very pleasant aromatic smell. It is not too sweet and has medium herbal note to it. The honey offers almost all the medicinal values of Eucalyptus with a refreshingly warm and woody caramel aftertaste. It works amazingly well as a healthy sweetener to your drinks, teas and as salad dressings.

Sidr honey has a golden colour but it can darken over time. It is very sticky, has an aromatic smell and a rich buttery taste with very little to no aftertaste. Considering the number of health benefits associate with this organic sidr honey, it can be called liquid gold!Ā 


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I have received my first order it's really amazing šŸ˜Š

Daud Ahmad
Superb Quality

I ordered 1 Gift pack( Sidr & Eucalyptus) Honey ....Just wanted to taste ,but when i received My Gift pack From Tabeer Honey...I Got Shocked .The Honey was 110% Pure...
I didn't Taste pure & Organic Honey Before..
But Tabeer Honey is The Best..
I'm Using Myself..I just Replaced Order For 1more Gift pack Honey( Sidr & Eucalyptus) From Tabeer Honey..
TabeerHoney is Organic ,Purest.Amazing & Very very very Delicious.
So,What are you waiting for Guys..
Come & Replace Your Order From TabeerHoney.
( š™š™–š™—š™šš™šš™§š™ƒš™¤š™£š™šš™® š™žš™Ø š™š™š™š š™Šš™‰š™”š™® š™‹š™Ŗš™§š™š š˜¼š™£š™™ š˜æš™šš™”š™žš™˜š™žš™¤š™Ŗš™Ø š™ƒš™¤š™£š™šš™®)

Best work I've seen

This best stuff I've seen after v long time very good service and packing is v good also...thnku

Sikander Hayat

Received my parcel today excellent quality.